Hutchinson x ROAMBUILT Wheels


Made is the USA. Hutchinson makes the only true beadlock wheel that are DOT Compliant for the Sprinter.  The Beadlock holds the tire in place and allows you to air down much further than standard wheels without breaking the sealed bead.  Please note that these do require additional installation procedures and may not be able to be mounted at your local chain store tire shop.   An experienced 4X4 shop should install tires on these wheels.  Price is per wheel and includes Black Lug Bolts and Sprinter programmed TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors).

Hutchinson tire fitment Recommendation:
BFG KO2 size 265/75R16
BFG KO2 size 285/75R16 (trimming plastic wheel arch required)

    MATERIAL: Heavy Duty Cast Aluminum alloy 
    COMPATIBLE: 2007-2021 Mercedes Benz Sprinter (please choose the VS30 variant if you have a 2019 or newer van)

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