VS30 Brush Guard


The ROAMBUILT VS30 (2019+) Brush Guard was designed to protect your front end, but also create a sleek clean look by complimenting the sculpted body lines of the Sprinter. Dedicated Off-Road light mounting points. Available in Aluminum or Steel versions.

The VS30 Brush Guard was designed in tight accordance to the Mercedes Benz Master Upfitter guidelines to provide functionality of all safety and convenience features. However, through extensive R&D testing we have found that some vehicles may still require adjustment to the parking sensors to ensure compatibility.  The VS30 Brush Guard does not affect the functionality of the DISTRONIC Distance Assist and Radar Sensor housed in the factory bumper.



Lightweight 6000 Series Aluminum or DOM Steel versions available 

Premium Stainless Steel Hardware



VS30 (2019+) Sprinters

Works with our Skid Plate and Integrated Winch Bumper



Easy bolt-on product

Bolts to factory threaded inserts on top of front step

Bolts to threaded inserts in factory bracket attached to frame rails

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