Overland Expo: Off-Road Gear Trends For 2018

The largest overlanding event in North America is the annual Overland Expo West. About 15,000 people attended in Flagstaff, Arizona, last week. Our resident overland traveler, Bryon Dorr, went to dig into the latest overland gear trends.

I already highlighted some of the hottest new gear from Overland Expo 2018. While that list showcases some of the top overland products, it barely scratches the surface of all the happenings in the industry.

Here, I give you a peek at some of the latest product trends in the overland space. I also illustrate the newest trends by detailing some of the new products I saw around the show.

I picked only the most interesting things to show you. This means you get everything from the coolest new must-haves to the most ridiculous products you could possibly spend your money on. Enjoy!

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