AS OF NOVEMBER 2022: The current lead time on Side Steps may be up to 8 -12 weeks depending on the variant.

The Side Steps split the difference for the standard 24" step up to the 4x4 Sprinter.  The Side Steps are sold in pairs. The Passenger side consists of a Step for the passenger door and a longer step for the sliding door, it covers the entire length between the front and rear wheel arch.

The Driver side has a step for the driver and the tube then continues rearward in 3 lengths:

1. "Full Length" which is all the way to rear wheel arch.

2. "Ladder Compatible" which stops 16" short of rear wheel arch to allow for Straight Side or Chicane ladder install.

3. "Surf/SUP Tube Compatible" which stops just rearward of driver's step to allow for Surf/SUP tube and Straight Side or Chicane ladder install.

We also offer single SideSteps or passenger executions for the driver side if you should have a dual-slider for example. Please contact our sales team directly for pricing and ordering.



6000 Series Aluminum 1.5" Tubing and perforated aluminum decking.  Mounted to the underside of the Sprinter with Riv Nuts and braced to the vehicle frame rail to ensure a rock solid step. All mounting hardware is included.

PLEASE NOTE - Side Steps support brackets have been updated 9/1/20 to allow compatibility with 2019+ MB Factory systems. The brackets now also provide more clearance for add on aftermarket parts beneath the Sprinter. 

MATERIAL: Aluminum
COMPATIBLE: 2007-2022 Mercedes Benz Sprinter (Bolt on with Riv Nuts)

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