Integrated Winch Bumper


The newly designed Integrated Winch Bumper fits within the factory plastic bumper and DOES NOT REQUIRE ANY RELOCATION OR RECALIBRATION OF MERCEDES BENZ SAFETY AND CONVENIENCES FEATURES/SENSORS.  The winch is mounted in a “Feet Forward” orientation thus removing shear forces on winch mounting hardware. Most heavier duty Industrial and Military applications use Feet First mounting to maximize strength and safety.

 The frame mounted Integrated Winch Bumper provides maximum structural integrity to house the winch and also protect the vehicle.  This ¼” steel plate structure replaces and exceeds the factory installed bumper structure to ensure increased safety.  

 “Soft Shackle” compatible Steel Recovery points are in direct alignment with vehicle frame rails for maximum load capacity. Custom colors available to personalize your build.


  • Steel plate
  • Highest grade automotive steel hardware 


  • VS30 Sprinter
  • WARN Zeon 12s (95960) or 10s (92815) Platinum Series winches
  • ROAMBUILT Brush Guard 


  • Bolts into frame rails in 4 positions and frame end plates in 8 positions
  • 2 small vertical cuts in plastic bumper required to expose recovery points
  • No need to cut or grind the frame rails or remove large portions of plastic bumper
  • Removal of factory plastic bumper and grill required for installation


  • Available in ROAMBUILT Standard Black or Orange
  • Custom colors are also available at no additional charge

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